After All These Years, You Still Want to be Together Always

Years ago, you and your husband agreed to be together always. So you bought a house, and you started a family and a retirement fund. You bought life insurance and created a will, and because you really meant always, you decided to make pre-arrangements and buy burial spaces.

Now, decades have passed. You’re retiring and moving to be near your grandkids. And you’re wondering what to do with your burial property and plan.

The Dignity Memorial® network brings you more services than anyone else in North America, like National Transferability. The spaces you purchased through the Dignity Memorial network and your pre-arrangements can move to any comparable Dignity Memorial cemetery and funeral home in the country. So “always” really will mean “always.”

Should you move more than 75 miles from where your original arrangements were made, your prearranged funeral, cremation or cemetery plan will be honored by any Dignity Memorial provider throughout North America.

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